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Put a Little Luck and Luxury into your Lockdown
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There’s so much bad news on the horizons these days, that we thought we should do something to lighten the view. And because it’s not in our nature to do things by halves, we’ve done more than a little something. At Arunreas, we’ve come up with an incredible deal (and we mean Really incredible) to help you ease your way through the current lockdown.

Whether your stay has been extended, or you fancy a little staycation in the heart of Phnom Penh, why not spend six nights at Arunreas for just $250? Yes, you read that right, and no, we are not talking $250 per night.

That is, six days and six nights of unbridled comfort and ease with our massive beds, flat screen TV, high-speed internet, rain showers, and giant bath tubs, for just $250, including the famous Khéma Free-Flow breakfast every morning, which you can enjoy downstairs or in the comfort of your room.

À la carte lunch
Private plunge bath
Afternoon tea
Complimentary Free Flow Breakfast

And that is not $250 per person. It is for the first person, with a tiny additional fee of just $60 for the second. So that means two people can stay for six nights, for only $310, including breakfast.

You would think our Hotel Director must have a fever — he doesn’t — as he has also decided to include a Free-Flow lunch every day for just an additional $50.

The only unfortunate thing about this deal is that we only have 12 rooms. This incredible (Really incredible) offer is only available until 31 May, so time to hurry up and make your booking now. Contact Nicolas Juralina, Hotel Director, on +855 81 885 777, and he will be delighted to put everything in place.

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