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Fresh Urban Luxury at Arunreas
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How do you define luxury? That used to be an easy question to answer. There was a certain kind of unmissable opulence (occasionally outrageous) that was the evident hallmark of a grandeur that remained the exclusive preserve of a very select few. It usually meant a high level of craftsmanship, and an even higher price point to go with it. But these days the boundaries are less clear, which means that it is possible to create the kind of luxuries that utterly soothe the senses, without necessarily racking up the bill. This is what we aim for at Arunreas.

This new luxury comes in many forms, some of it defined by simple absence. It comes in the quiet seclusion and cool still air that embraces you as you gently close the door on your own private sanctum leaving the heaving streets firmly behind you. It comes in the whisper of soft sheets and the weightlessness of a mattress that holds you ‘just so’. It comes in not having to worry about a bill every time you open the minibar, because everything in there is complimentary. And it comes in not having to think because your needs have already been anticipated by a staff who take tremendous professional pleasure in simply knowing they’ve made your day better.

Arunreas bathroom

On the other hand, some things have to be accounted for. And you’ll find them all around you, for example the iPhone available during your stay (preloaded with music and all the numbers you need to safely navigate your way around Phnom Penh, or dial up a delicious snack or meal from the Khéma restaurant and deli downstairs). There is the exquisite luxury of a relaxing splash in one of our giant bathtubs, the air redolent with the scents of the South of France thanks to the range of free l’Occitane products. There is the comfort of not having to leave your room for your morning coffee, as our in-room Malongo coffee machine and tea-making facilities will give you all the pep you need before you stride out to face the day.

Arunreas Bathtub

And of course there is so much more, naturally including all of the things you would expect to find in a hotel at this level. We offer a different kind of luxury at Arunreas, the luxury of comfort, seclusion, attention and care, and all while keeping you in the very heart of Cambodia’s thriving capital city. And we do it without an opulent price tag, which makes it luxury, but a little bit better.

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